Sunday, 16 January 2011

A trip to Portobello market

Beautiful Soph

In the worst cafe in England, "Uncles" on Portobello Road

Claude and her new coat!
Today has been a rather eventful day to say the least, a lovely trip to the antique market turning into an incredible and surprising goldmine of knitwear at the cheap end of the road. Things then took a turn for the worse, when we stepped foot into the chaos that is "Uncles" cafe. We weren't served for 20 minutes, our food then took another half an hour to arrive (sandwiches) which was ok as it was busy, then the wrong food arrived, we had to get our own cutlery, still missing some of the food. My friend sophie (third photo down) then found a piece of smashed plate in her chicken, YUM! so we promptly complained, and were very rude to. Hilarious. I then bought a wonderful 70s wide rimmed blue hat with corsage, to lose it to a gust of wind on the underground 2 hours later. Then a wonderful cuppa with my gorgeous cousin Evie, (also an incredible model!) and then dinner with her family at a very lovely resturaunt/wine bar called Shampers off Oxford Street. Highly reccomended, wonderful service, and great food! All in all a hectic but mostly nice day :) now i just need to go buy another great hat....

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