Sunday, 23 January 2011

Shadow Catchers at the Victoria and Albert Museum

A couple of weeks ago my mum was here to stay and as a treat she took me to the V&A to a beautiful permanent jewellery exhibition upstairs which incredible, and then to Shadow Catchers, an intriguing exhibition documenting the work of artists who work with the unseen and negative space to create wonderful photographs without using a camera or any of the usual photography equipment.
"Invocation" by Adam Fuss
"My Ghost (birds in flight)" Adam Fuss
Another from the series "My Ghost" Adam Fuss. This was amongst my favourites. See how the smoke creates a spectre in vaguely human form.
'Chemigram 7/5/82 II ''Pauli Kleei ad Marginem' by Pierre Cordier
'Chemigram 20/3/92 "from La Suma of Jorge Luis Borges" by Pierre Cordier

Garry Fabian Miller
'The Night Cell, Winter 2009/10'
This was surprisingly my favourite piece, I found myself gazing at it, hypnotised for a good 5 minutes. In the setting of the exhibition, the piece appeared to be backlit, so all the little lights were shining out like stars, and the clarity of the shapes was just stunning.

Susan Derges
'Vessel No.3 (9)

Garry Fabian Miller
'Year One. Ogronious: The Time of Ice'

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